Cleansing Without Compromise

Why is washing your face with a cleanser so important? Because cleansing helps remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin’s surface and pores. It’s the first step in improving the skin’s appearance by preventing blemishes, discoloration, inflammation, and general dullness. In addition, cleansing helps nourish your skin, while protecting the delicate structure that keeps the skin functioning in a healthful manner!

When cleansing, it’s essential you choose a product that is gentle, natural, and void of harsh, irritating ingredients. Unfortunately, many cleansing products are designed with soaps and surfactants that can actually strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it tight, dry, and susceptible to irritation. If you’ve ever washed your skin and feel it pull tight against your face afterwards, it’s likely that you have disrupted the natural layer that protects skin against bacteria and moisture loss. You want skin to feel fresh and supple, not tight and dry.

The first step in the Celloxylin regimen is the Crème Cleanse, designed specifically with your skin’s delicate structure in mind. It contains natural surfactants derived from coconut that foam beautifully to wash impurities away. In addition to cleansing the skin’s surface, the Crème Cleanse travels deep into pores to prevent buildup and blemishes, all without compromising the skin’s barrier function. It’s gentle yet effective, leaving skin clean, bright, and hydrated.

To get the most out of your cleansing experience, follow these tips:

Use warm water when you cleanse – washing your face with water that is either too hot or too cold can aggravate your skin and cause outbreaks. To get the most out of your cleanse, find a temperature in between (lukewarm), that will leave your skin feeling refreshed instead of dried out.

A little goes a long way – the Crème Cleanse effectively rinses away impurities without the need for excess product or prolonged scrubbing. When rinsing, gently wet your face with warm water, massage a pea-sized amount of Crème Cleanse over skin in circular motions, rinse clean and pat dry!

Pay attention to how your skin feels – if your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, it’s likely you’ve overdone it. Apriori Beauty’s cleansing products are designed to protect the skin’s natural barrier layer and prevent stripping of natural oils during cleansing. However, if you have naturally dry skin or are exposed to environmental factors that cause drying, washing with a cleanser 2x per day may be too much. In this case, cleanse with Crème Cleanse at night (to remove makeup and buildup from the day) and simply rinse with warm water in the morning.

Begin steps 2-5 of the Celloxylin regimen immediately after cleansing – the Celloxylin regimen is designed to take advantage of water absorbed during rinsing to help carry moisture deep into skin.


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