Why Sacrifice Health for Beauty?

Did you know that numerous hair products, including shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which popularly frequent personal care products?

Would you use a kitchen cleaner to wash your hair with? Of course not! Then why would you use hair products that contain sulfates? Sulfates are chemicals used in many preparations and are often used for cleaning solutions in the kitchen. Whereas the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers SLS and SLES safe ingredients, it can be harmful to your hair. Sulfates tend to strip the hair of natural oils and speed up the color-fading process.

If you process your hair by having it colored, straightened, etc., and are unsure of what type of hair products to use that won’t undue the process you spent so much time and money on, look no further than Apriori Beauty’s ViViD Hair Therapy. ViViD Shampoo and Conditioner with Synergistic Shine™ is formulated with the perfect combination of ingredients to clean the hair and scalp without leaving your hair dry and looking dull. ViViD helps preserve your hair color with both intensity and depth. This unique cleansing system is simple and gentle, while being incredibly effective.

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Make life beautiful with Apriori Beauty's Celloxylin® skincare, body and treatment products, Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir and LifeoxyLEAN weight loss accelerator. Apriori Beauty is more then just great products — it is also an opportunity to earn extra money or a full-time income sharing the products with people you know!

One thought on “Why Sacrifice Health for Beauty?

  1. My favorite which is very hard to pick just one,I would have to say the celloxylin #4 Day face lotion with sunscreen .It’s Marvelous, absolutely incredible, I noticed a difference between that and the previous lotions and creams quickly! Thank You,Lynn Langen

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