Protect Your Teen’s Skin

We’re so focused on fighting against aging that it’s easy to oversee how easily some of it could have been prevented had we started an effective skincare regimen at a younger age. The need for skincare appears when you hit puberty because it’s at this time your hormones begin stimulating the glands in your skin, causing an increase in oil production and enlarged pores. Developing a skincare regimen for your teen can be difficult because they’re not used to being concerned with their skin, and incorporating a new routine into their schedule can easily be forgotten or met with resistance.

Here are 4 Essential Skincare Tips for Your Teen:
1. Keep it Simple – Oily skin and zits are unpleasant introductions to puberty and the last thing your teen wants to do is stress over their face any more than they already are. Introduce a skincare regimen that is simple, yet effective and contains the basics: cleanser and moisturizer.

2. Cleanse – You don’t brush your teeth with just water do you? So why would you when it comes to your face? To thoroughly cleanse your face, you will want a quality face wash to remove the dead skin cells, toxins, and excess oil. ProDermalin® Gentle Cleanser calms the skin while gently cleansing, soothing, and protecting with a silky lather.

3. Moisturize – Think of moisturizer as protection for your skin. In addition to being used as a makeup primer, moisturizing helps protect your skin from sun and harsh weather, both of which can leave your skin dry and flakey.  ProDermalin® Calming Moisturizer calms the skin while hydrating, protecting, and strengthening it at the same time.

4. Protect – A nice tan may seem sexy at the time but you know what isn’t? Skin cancer and age spots. Now is the time to start protecting your skin against the harsh UV rays by applying either sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF. In addition to helping protect against skin cancer, you’ll also be preventing premature aging.


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