Importance of a Skin Care Regimen

What’s your favorite skin care product? Now ask yourself, can that product provide every benefit you desire to achieve beautiful, healthy skin? Chances are the answer is no. We all have our favorite products, but it’s unlikely that there’s one “silver bullet” product out there that can fill all of your skin’s needs. The skin around your eyes and lips is physiologically different from that on your forehead, cheeks, or chin. A brilliantly formulated, moisturizing cleanser is still unlikely to provide the hydrating boost that a moisturizing cream can. It is for these kinds of reasons that a regimen — a skin care system that incorporates a carefully chosen combination of products in conjunction with one another — is often the most effective way to make skin look and feel beautiful.

Why use a complete regimen?
1) Different formulations provide unique benefits to skin. Example — Serums penetrate easily to deliver anti-aging ingredients deep into skin, but do not hydrate like creams and lotions. Celloxylin Firming Complex is designed to deliver a boost of anti-aging ingredients deep into skin, while Day Defense Plus and Night Repair 3Deep help form a protective barrier against moisture loss from the skin’s surface.

2) Layering products in a strategic way allows for the most effective delivery of beneficial ingredients. Example — Humectant ingredients such as Tremella fuciformis extract in the Activating Tonic help skin drink in hydrating ingredients from the Firming Complex. If you apply Firming Complex immediately after Activating Tonic (while skin is still moist), your skin will be able to better utilize the its complete anti-aging benefits.

3) Different parts of your skin have different needs.Example — The area around your eyes and lips produces less natural oil than the rest of your face, and is more prone to premature aging from repetitive movement. The Eye + Lip Age Eraser is slightly thicker than a full-face cream, and is jam packed with anti-aging ingredients to protect and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.

The Celloxylin® daily regimen for face from Apriori Beauty utilizes products that work synergistically to deliver maximum anti-aging results. The regimen is complimented by Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir, the ultimate in internal antioxidant and anti-aging protection. Lifeoxylin + Celloxylin combined provide complete internal + external support to nourish and protect your skin, helping you achieve the healthier, younger looking skin you desire.


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