Brush It Off

First of all, I don’t understand why makeup brushes are so expensive.  All I want to do is blend my Pure Perfecting Veil, not take out a bank loan.  That being said, you spent money on your makeup brushes, so you should take care of them! Like any investment, they need maintenance in order to last. By not washing your brushes, you are actually shortening the amount of time that you can actually use the brush. Who needs that? Not my bank account.

Do I have your attention yet? Good!  What if I told you that all of your holy grail skin care products mean nothing if you’re just going to slap makeup on your face with brushes hoarding weeks worth of foundation.

Makeup brushes touch your face, your makeup, your vanity, etc. There can be a lot bacteria just on those places alone. Overtime, your makeup brushes could gather a lot of germs that don’t belong anywhere near your face. Do yourself and your face a favor by giving your brushes a good scrubbing.  Using brushes on your skin is actually a mild exfoliant. When you buff products into your skin, the brush collects any loose skin cells aka dead ones. Not washing this out overtime can lead to things like acne and wrinkles.

You can clean your brushes my putting a tiny drop of ProDermalin® Gentle Cleanser  on your fingers and then apply the cleanser, from the base of the brush to the tips. Add a bit of water and squeeze (Gentle!) the bristles (again, from the base to the tip). Continue this process until the water runs clean of the built up paint that you have been putting on your face for the past two weeks because before this post- you were clueless 😉

Let brushes air dry!

One more tip- If you are using the Pure Perfecting Powder you can clean this brush daily/weekly by brushing off the makeup on a Toxic-Free Facial Cleansing Towelette!


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