Pick the Perfect Gift by Personality

Pick the Perfect Gift by Personality

If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas, a great way to pick the perfect gift is to match it to that special someone’s unique personality. Here’s four fun personalities with their matching gift of beauty …

• Loves to juice
• Eats organic
• Loves Yoga (and yoga pants)
• Reads food and supplement labels
• Is concerned about the environment and the toxins that pollute it

The “Detox the Day Away” holiday set
Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and purify skin with Celloxylin® Pure Detox Purifying Clay Masque. It’s the ultimate cleanse that also includes a FREE white cotton headband to complete the experience.


• Is always on the go, go go!
• Makes lists and gets stuff done
• Is a mover and a shaker
• Loves their morning cup-o-joe
• Is a multi-tasker with a capital M
• Loves to stay up late to watch the late late show
• Needs to wake up Good-to-Go!

The “Good Night, Sleep Tight” holiday set
The ultimate beauty sleep set — LifeoxyDream Sleep Mist and Celloxylin® Night Repair 3Deep, two essentials for a good night’s sleep and refreshed morning skin!


• Loves to be pampered
• Loves fresh starts
• Sees the good in everyone
• Loves getting a mani/pedi
• Treats herself to the occasional massage
• Always has perfect hair

The “Scrub of Your Life” holiday set
It’s a scrub experience you won’t soon forget when you mix together two of Apriori Beauty’s most popular products — Celloxylin® Crème Cleanse and Celloxylin® Enzyme Activated Mirco Scrub. It’s for face and body and anyone who loves to be scrubbed the right way.


• Always wears the perfect outfit
• Is young at heart
• Wants to look as young as they feel
• Loves to take care of themselves
• Looks 10 years younger than their age (and wants to stay that way)

The “Treat & Repeat” holiday set
It’s the dynamic duo for looks and feeling good every time you look in the mirror — Celloxylin® PSR Next [Precision Skin Rejuvenator] and Celloxylin® EPIC Instant Wrinkle Reducer. It’s a gift that says “It’s all about You!” With such a luxury, they won’t even be offended if it says anti-aging!


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Make life beautiful with Apriori Beauty's Celloxylin® skincare, body and treatment products, Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir and LifeoxyLEAN weight loss accelerator. Apriori Beauty is more then just great products — it is also an opportunity to earn extra money or a full-time income sharing the products with people you know!

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