5 Professional New Years Resolutions You Should Keep!

  1. Write something every day – We all have those days when there are a million things to do, and we don’t know how we’re going to get it all done. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast quantity of tasks that we must do from day to day. Sometimes we have so many balls in the air, that we may even lose track of some loose ends and forget to do important things. When we get too busy, we end up feeling like we are barely able to keep our heads above water.One of the most important reasons for keeping a to-do list is the organization. Organizing your tasks with a list can make everything much more manageable and make you feel grounded. Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and stay mentally focused.  As you cross items off your to-do list, you’ll feel a sense of progress and accomplishment that can be missed when rushing from one activity to the next. The affirmation that you are making progress will help motivate you to keep moving forward rather than feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Keep up with Google – Google likes to make changes to its algorithm as much as certain pop singers like to change boyfriends. But all of them are made to improve user experience, which is a good thing — it helps searchers discover the best content for what they’re seeking.  This year, we challenge you to really keep up with those changes. That doesn’t just mean staying on top of news about the latest changes. It also means keeping your content at the highest quality to make Google’s algorithm happy, which means more people will be able to find you. Win-win.
  3. Improve your social media skills – Visual content is a BIG deal! Take the time to familiarize yourself with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  We take great pride in the content that we provide for you! We encourage you to use it!  Look into repost apps and the most effective ways for you to share up-to-date images with your clients.
  4. Ask for help –  It’s more likely than not that the person you need it from is happy to answer your questions. The Apriori Beauty team is only one phone call away! Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have questions about building your business.
  5. Develop a mobile strategy – As you know, Apriori Beauty has created an Exclusive Mobile Club.  This is a great opportunity for you to get your clients signed up to stay “in the know” about monthly promotions & flash sales! Have them text “useloveshare” to 245-87.2017 To do list year on white poster with pencil

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One thought on “5 Professional New Years Resolutions You Should Keep!

  1. I was very inspired to keep improving my social media skills. I am all about relentless self improvement and this article helps me with real support (great photos to use) and ideas on how to stay on track and on message. Thank you @useloveshare!

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