Fat Fighting Resveratrol

Resveratrol has already received attention due to its potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-aging properties, now a recent article in Clean Eating magazine speaking to a new study out of Purdue University has added anti-obesity to the list.

“While red wine’s resveratrol compound is well known for its heart-healthy and cancer-fighting benefits, a new Purdue University study shows that it may also play a role in preventing obesity. When you consume food or drink containing resveratrol, it converts into another compound called piceatannol. Researchers found that picaetannol acts to block immature fat cells from developing further and shows promise in fighting obesity. Although more studies are needed to assess piceatannol’s effect on humans, keep your weight in check by loading up on foods rich in the fat-preventing compound, such as grapes, blueberries and passion fruit, and enjoy no more than one glass a day of red wine (drinking more than that can reverse its health effects).”

Reserveratrol is one of the unique ingredients in Apriori Beauty’s proprietary NutrientReservoir, found in each of the Celloxylin, Lifeoxylin, LifeoxyLean and LifeoxyDream products.


April 2012, The Purdue Research Foundation; Red wine, fruit compound could help block fat cell formation; Kee-Hong Kim.


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