Types of moisturizer. What’s best for your skin?

When you are wandering the aisles of your favorite health and beauty store you probably are amazed by the sheer numbers of moisturizers on sale. Each one will profess to be better than the next and all seem to have specific ingredients that sound like a chemistry exam. But when it comes down to it it is the texture of the moisturizer that we actually look for because that is what makes it feel right on our skin. What types of moisturizer textures are there and why should we choose one over the other?

Sun protection

All types of moisturisers can have sun protection added, but it most often comes as a lotion for your body and a cream for your facial skin. It is very important to choose a moisturiser that contains sunscreen if you can – especially if it is Summer and you will be outdoors during the day. A cream with sunscreen added can be worn under your make-up and will offer good protection for a whole day. A lotion may need to be reapplied throughout the day to your body to ensure you get good coverage.

Celloxylin Step 5. Day Defense Plus, Broad Spectrum SPF 25 – Broad spectrum, UVA and UVB protection is a given with this ultralight moisturizer that helps defend against daily exposure with SPF 25. The anti-aging Nutrient Reservoir ingredients deliver and wrap each cell with botanicals and elements that nourish and protect and defy aging throughout the day. This lightweight, non-greasy formula dries down quickly and is perfect for daily use, even under makeup.

Already have some damage? Peptides minimize the appearance of wrinkles while Acetyl Glucosamine, Hydroxyproline, and Hyaluronic Acid support skin health and structure.


While you may use a lotion on your face, these are also available as lotions for your body. We don’t only age from the neck up! Enjoy the benefits of the Nutrient Reservoir ingredients from head-to-toe with the anti-aging Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion for the body. Dry skin is a thing of the past with this nutrient and moisture intense body lotion. The long-lasting, protecting effects of the anti-aging ingredients ensure each cell receives what it needs to maintain a youthful appearance.


A moisturising cream tends to have a denser texture than others and is ideal for if your skin is particularly prone to dry patches or flaky bits. The texture is usually quite firm and you may find that this type of moisturiser will take a little blending to allow it to penetrate the skin. Night creams are often this thicker formula as they are richer in oils and ideal for when you are not wearing make-up.

To awaken refreshed is one thing, to look refreshed and youthful is another. Night Repair goes beyond surface protection from transdermal water loss to deliver deep what your skin needs from the anti-aging Nutrient Reservoir, while cells are renewing during sleep. Take advantage of Night Repair 3Deep to help skin remain hydrated and supple, and wake up feeling and looking refreshed!

Celloxylin® works at the cellular level to reduce the visual signs of aging and proactively nourish and protect cells from oxidative stress.

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