Everything Is Going To Be Oclay!

If you like your skin to be healthy, you have probably tried using face masques. They all work well for your skin, but clay masks are the best! Why?

#1:  They absorb all that oil. You might associate oily skin with younger skin, but that is definitely not the case. A little oil in the skin is good because it keeps it smooth and soft, but too much oil leaves your skin shiny. Absorb the oil without leaving the skin dry and tight.

#2:  They’re effective for all skin types.  Clay masques treat all skin types safely. They work wonders with younger skin that may be prone to acne, and they boost elasticity and minimize signs of aging.

#3:  They eliminate toxins and dirt in the skin. You would be surprised at how much dirt your face can accumulate throughout the day. When you mix dirt and toxins with excess oil, you get acne and other skin damage. Clay masques can eliminate toxins and dirt in the skin.

#4:  They remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells make the skin look ruddy and blah. The problem is that everyone has dead cells on the surface of their skin. Clay masques do an excellent job sloughing off dead skin cells to make the skin look fresh and bright.

Try using Celloxylin Pure Detox, Purifying Masque Twice a week, or as needed. Apply generously to cleansed skin (massaging in circular motions), avoiding eye areas. Relax and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove thoroughly with warm water. Can also be used as a spot treatment; dab and rinse once dry. Recommended for all skin types.

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