Prime Time: 5 Reasons you should incorporate a primer into your morning routine

Makeup primer is a beauty product that is often seen as unnecessary or goes forgotten altogether. Typically applied directly with the fingers after application of skincare products and before application of makeup, makeup primer helps blend the benefits of both skincare and makeup application for all-day glow. If you go through the trouble of applying makeup every morning, then you really should be using a primer. It’s one quick extra step that will make the world of difference in the appearance of your skin all day long. Here are FIVE reasons why …

  1. It helps seal in the benefits of your morning skincare routine

First and most importantly, primer forms a protective barrier over the skin that helps seal the benefits of your morning skincare routine into your pores.  Think of all the wonderful moisturizers, sunscreens, and anti-aging serums you apply to your skin before applying your makeup. Don’t you want those benefits to be protected so that they can continue working throughout the day? Introduce the all-saving makeup primer to do that for you!

  1. It helps your makeup last longer

Second, primer acts as a base and gives your foundation or face makeup something to cling on to. With this, the radiance of your freshly applied makeup will last throughout the day! This is especially important for people that live in areas that experience extreme weather such as hot and humid or dry and cold temperatures. Going without primer could leave your makeup exposed and unprotected from the elements, resulting in fade and wear throughout the day.

  1. It helps correct fine lines, wrinkles, or enlarged pores.

As a base for makeup, primer also works wonders for smoothing imperfections and wrinkles in the skin so that makeup can be applied flawlessly. Many makeup primers on the market today also offer added benefits such as anti-aging ingredient complexes (psssst, we recommend an amazing anti-aging primer below).

  1. It keeps your makeup from creasing, especially around eyelids and lips

Filling wrinkles and pores and helping makeup to last longer, primer also helps to keep makeup in place in the areas on the face that experience a lot of movement. No more creases or crumbles in your eyeshadow mid-way through the day when using primer!

  1. It gives skin a natural, soft glow, rather than an oily, greasy shine

Finally, primer helps to give skin a more matte, soft glow and helps to absorb unwanted oil and shine throughout the day. If you’re looking for a more natural, makeup-free look, you can even replace your foundation or face makeup with primer to provide a smooth, natural finish!

Need help finding a primer that’s right for you?

8.20 PSR

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