Anti-aging Products: They’re not just for your face!

As we age, we usually begin noticing the effects of time on our face—fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, laugh lines, whatever you want to call them! And, as much character as they give the face, many of us prefer to look how we did in our early 20’s and 30’s—wrinkle free. In fact, when fighting the signs of aging, millions of women across the globe turn to anti-aging creams, serums, oils, and moisturizers. But, you would be surprised to learn that the majority of those products are intended for use on the face only…

Wait, doesn’t aging happen on the body as well? YES IT DOES!

Many of us forget that aging skin not only affects the face, but it also affects the body! And, unfortunately, many of us don’t learn the truth about aging on the body until we begin seeing these affects ourselves—wrinkles on hands and neck, crêpey, sagging skin on arms and legs, and thinning, dry skin all over the body. Why didn’t our moms warn us about this?!

Luckily, in this advanced age of beauty, there is always a solution for turning back time and restoring youthfulness, glow, and moisture to the skin—face and body alike! How? We’ve got you covered…

Cleanse and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
Of course it’s important to clean the skin on your body daily, but when trying to fight the signs of aging, it is also important to find a cleanser that not only cleanses, but moisturizes as well, because exposure to water on the skin typically leads to dehydration. Think about when your lips are chapped and you’re strapped without chapstick… lick your lips and you’re doomed for continually chapped lips until you can find that chapstick again. The same thing happens with your skin when it is exposed to water. The more moisture you can get, the better! We recommend Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Cleanse.

HBMI Cleanse2

Then moisturize some more!
Because, why not?! Just kidding! After cleansing, it’s important to apply a layer of moisture to the skin that will combat the dehydrating properties of water and last through the day’s activities. Lotion, especially those with anti-aging ingredients, are essential when it comes to body care. Continuous moisture in the skin helps fight aging by plumping and filling fine lines and keeping skin nourished and regenerating properly. You may choose to use an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF for day (as we recommended below) and another for night, like Celloxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion.


Whether you’re going to work, heading to the beach, or just taking a stroll through the city, SPF is your number one protectant against signs of aging in your skin. This is important for BOTH face and body! Looking for a great, versatile moisturizer/sunscreen? Look no further… CLICK HERE.

day defense leaf

Skin, on the face and body, goes through a natural regeneration process. One way that we can help accelerate this process is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation. This allows skin to stay moisturized and regenerating more easily—two key processes for maintaining youthful, glowing skin. There are a number of chemical and mechanical processes that promote skin exfoliation, but if you’re looking for safe, non-toxic products to do the trick, we recommend Celloxylin Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Celloxylin MD 20EX Acid Peel.


All in all, if you want to fight the clock and sustain young skin, it is important to take measures toward doing so with the skin on both your face and your body. And, lucky for you, Apriori Beauty has products to help you with it all!

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