My Face Mask Made Me Breakout!  

You’ve got a big day tomorrow, maybe an important meeting with a client or a long awaited dinner or event, so you decide to do a face mask. You want to look and feel your best, so you might as well! But, when you wake up the next morning, what’s that you see in the mirror… a pimple?! Right in the middle of your cheek!! How could this happen?! I mean, you did a face mask to cleanse, purify, and detox your skin! How on earth could you end up with a pimple?!

Many of us have found ourselves in this exact situation. And, after being betrayed by our once favorite face mask, we’re often left feeling like we never want to go back to using it again. But, what if we told you that the pimple on your cheek is actually a sign that your face mask is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do…

Face masks, like Apriori Beauty’s Pure Detox Clay Face Treatment Purifying Masque, are often formulated to provide a deep clean for your skin. Studies have shown that sometimes years of dirt, bacteria, oil, makeup, and so much more can be found deep within the layers of the skin. Using a face mask can pull all of that unwanted material to the surface of your skin, thus causing minor breakouts after use. Don’t be alarmed, it’s a situation where sometimes it needs to get worse before it can get better. By pulling the unwanted toxins from your skin, you are beginning the process of healing, to ultimately give your skin the glowing look you were looking for to begin with.

So, next time you have a big day or event ahead of you, we recommend utilizing Celloxylin Pure Detox Clay Masque up to a week in advance. And, if you want to maintain that clean and fresh feeling, we would recommend incorporating a detoxifying mask into your weekly skincare routine. The more you can keep your skin clean and fresh, the easier it will be to heal and maintain a healthy glow all year long.

Why use Apriori Beauty’s Pure Detox Clay Face Treatment Purifying Masque?

Pure Detox Clay Masque

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is in constant contact with and exposed to environmental elements. Over time, pores can become filled with pollutants and dirt that regular cleansings can’t reach, causing blemishes, dullness and other skin ailments. Treat your skin to the ultimate cleanse with Celloxylin Pure Detox Purifying Masque. Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and pull out impurities with this potent combination of pumice, cleansing clays, soothing botanicals and the Enviro-Extract™ blend, which removes and guards against exposure to the elements.

Exfoliates and Purifies – Skin cell turnover slows with age resulting in dull, rough looking skin, and clogged pres. Pure Detox exfoliates plus purifies by pulling out pollutants from the skin.

3 Types of Clay – Koalin, Bentonite and exotic French Montmorillonite clays rejuvenate skin with their high mineral content, while exfoliating, stimulating blood circulation, and removing debris from pores, resulting in a smooth, healthy glow!

Enviro-Extract™ blend – this active ingredient blend helps to remove additional heavy metals the skin is exposed to from the environment. It helps to attach to heavy metals, remove toxins from the skin, and aids the skin in guarding against future oxidative environmental exposure.

Beneficial Botanicals: chamomile, green tea, ivy, goji berry, caffeine and cucumber, plus hydrating Hyaluronic Acid.

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