Trend Watch: Holiday Sparkle

It’s coming up on that time of the year again… the time of year when we find ourselves dressing up, going out, and showing up on the social scene of the holidays. Whether you’re hitting an office holiday party, family gathering, or charity function, we all want to put our best face forward. This 2017 holiday season’s beauty trends showcase a natural glow, bold pops of color, and of course, sparkle!

The Natural Glow

 As many of us know from what our mothers have always told us, beauty really does begin from the inside and shine outward. Similarly, makeup application and in turn the finished, flawless look begins with naturally healthy and glowing skin. Starting with skin that glows is key to putting the finishing touches of sparkle and shine in our holiday looks. The best way to achieve a natural glow is to utilize an advanced skincare system such as Apriori Beauty’s Celloxylin anti-aging system, loaded with the incredible benefits of the Nutrient Reservoir. 

Bold Pops of Color & Shine

 The holidays are typically times filled with celebration and extravagance that call for bold and memorable looks. This holiday season, we’re seeing beauty trends in bold pops of color for face, in the eyes, cheeks, and lips. And, bringing those pops of color to the next level are complimenting shimmering products. Take a look at one of our holiday color looks below…


Jamie’s fabulous evening look was created utilizing Apriori Beauty’s NEW Hint of Color and Hint of Holiday Color products. Here’s what we did…

Face base coverage


Eyes: The Nude Face Palette

  • Toasty: applied to base of the eyes
  • Pewter: applied to eye lids
  • Terracotta: applied to outer eye corners & creases
  • Champagne: applied to inner eye corners
  • Cocoa & Truffle (mixed wet): applied as liner to top and bottom lash lines
  • Latte: blended into eyebrows to enhance definition


Face and cheeks

  • From the Nude Face Palette
    • Bronzed: applied for contour to cheek indents, sides of the bridge of the nose, under jawline, and along hairline
    • Highlight: applied to high cheekbones, top of the bridge of the nose, forehead, upper lip crease, and chin
    • Dusty Rose: blusher applied to apples of cheeks
  • Glow With It, Highlighter Cream: applied to high cheekbones, top of the bridge of the nose, and upper lip crease for extra highlight and shine, exactly what this holiday’s trends call for



*Not pictured in Jamie’s color look above

Top your look off with some SPARKLE!

22853407_10214451260055867_7743566772772178010_n copy

Still looking for a little extra something to set you apart from the crowd? Apriori Beauty’s Holiday Diamond Powders are the perfect addition to every holiday look! Available in two colors, Diamond Powder & Bronzing Diamond Powder, you can take your sparkle from day to night with little effort. This mineral shimmer dusting powder leaves face and body with a glowing radiance and extra special sparkle. Jamie is pictured above wearing the Holiday Diamond Powder on her chest to finalize her look!

All in all, we deserve to look as good as we feel, especially around the holidays. And with a Hint of Color to enhance your natural beauty, shine, and radiance, Apriori Beauty makes that easy for you!

Looking for an easy way to get your hands on all of these amazing color products? Check out Apriori Beauty’s Hint of Color All-in-One set and Holiday Color Sets.

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