It’s a Lifestyle: Your Guide to Effective & Sustainable Weight Loss

It’s hard to keep up with all of the fad diets, meal plans, and exercise programs. There seems to always be something new on the market or on Facebook that promises to make 2018 the year that you actually lose that extra weight you’ve been carrying around. And, as enticing as it is to try that one, silver-bullet solution to shed a few pounds, it’s really just not realistic. Effectively and sustainably losing weight, in a way that actually lasts beyond the span of the diet, requires tweaks and changes in your lifestyle. But don’t be alarmed, just making a few changes here and there can make the world of difference on your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. Here’s how…

Decide & Prepare

Make a conscious decision every day to do whatever it takes to stick to your plan. Then, don’t let anything change your mind! Everything done is more fun with a friend! Decide to lose weight, then find a friend that wants to lose weight with you. Statistics prove that you stick to your diet longer when you are held accountable by someone else. A friend will be the encouragement you need to keep going and vice versa.

Take some beginning stats! You may consider keeping a small notebook or journal to record your journey. There are plenty of Apps available for free that also make tracking simple (check out MyFitnessPal). Take a “before” photo of yourself then post it on your refrigerator (or somewhere where you will see it every day) as a reminder of your goal. Record your beginning weight and measurements. Pick one day each week to re-measure and weigh yourself and keep track of the results. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, which means you may not lose weight one week, due to increase exercise, but you may still see a reduction in your measurements, so keep track of both!


Eat 5

Studies show that eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day helps to speed up your metabolism, which helps with weight loss. Strive to eat 300 calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 200 calorie snacks (mini meals) in between. Plan your 5 meals to fit into a 12-hour period. If you eat breakfast at 7:00am, dinner should be done by 7:00pm. Never eat past the 12-hour mark, late at night, or just before going to bed.

Consider adding a weight loss accelerator supplement, daily vitamins, and/or health supplements to boost your efforts and promote overall health and wellness. Apriori Beauty’s LifeoxyLEAN Weight Loss Accelerator is the perfect partner for success!

Pick 1 day a week to “cheat treat” yourself (preferably after the day you weigh yourself). If you like pizza, treat yourself to a piece. If you like brownies, treat yourself to one. Moderation is key. It’s when you over eat your treat that you get in trouble. This helps keep your natural cravings satisfied, making this healthy eating lifestyle choice more sustainable. When you give yourself a little here and there, you’re less likely to binge and over-eat all at once down the road.

Sample Daily Meal Plan

  1. LifeoxyLEAN (30 mins before) + Breakfast – 300 calories
  2. Mini Meal – 200 calories
  3. LifeoxyLEAN (30 mins before) + Lunch – 300 calories
  4. Mini Meal – 200 calories
  5. Dinner – 300 calories

You can always vary the calories per meal if you keep the total daily intake to 1,300 calories. A good rule of thumb if you go this route is to make lunch the biggest meal of the day, since you have the rest of the day to be active and burn it off before going to sleep. You never want to eat your largest calorie intake for dinner.

Tip: drink a glass of water before each meal to feel fuller faster!



Move to lose! Everyone knows that it takes diet AND exercise to lose weight faster. What most don’t realize is that exercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word. If you simply move more than you normally do, you can accelerate your weight loss efforts and achieve your goal faster. Strive to exercise (or move more than you normally do) at least 20 minutes a day. Exercising (or moving more) is easier than you think it is AND you ALWAYS feel better afterwards!

Tip: If you don’t exercise regularly, start slow by walking, taking the stairs and choosing a parking spot farther away from your destination. Once you’re feeling more fit, look into trying a new group exercise class on DVD or at your local gym. Zumba, spinning, and kickboxing are so fun, you barely notice that you’re working out!

Celebrate your successes!

Reward your results with something grand, like a new outfit or gift for yourself (try not to reward yourself with food, as this creates an unhealthy association in your brain). Celebrate with your diet buddy and share your success with everyone!


The information contained in this blog post is provided for general information purposes only. It is not intended as and should not be relied upon as medical advice. If you are unsure, consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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