What’s in Your Purse?

Ask a woman what’s in her purse and the word “essentials” is likely to be her response — essentials for the day … for work … for the family … for her.  The contents of a woman’s purse are a direct reflection of her current life.

If you dumped your purse out right now, what would you find? What do the contents say about you?

Here’s a quick look into the purse of a beauty entrepreneur … 21 items to help her run her business on-the-go … to help her look and feel beautiful … and to help her through the day:


Notebook – For client/work notes, thoughts and ideas when they happen, for and keeping track of mileage and business expenses (for taxes)

Pens – More than enough, and in all different colors (depending on mood), for a quick note or signature

Starbucks Receipt – From this morning’s drive thru

Sunscreen/Hand Cream (1) – To reapply to hands throughout the day to protect against sun exposure (and aging with broad spectrum sunscreen) while also keeping them moisturized and pretty

Cell Phone – The #1 life and business essential

Chocolates – For the 3:00 sweet tooth

Eye+Lip Cream (2) – For the mid-day primp … a two-in-one cream to help with under eye puffiness AND to moisturize lips for the perfect pout

Sunglasses – Don’t leave home without them

Keys – You can’t leave home without them … essentials for getting “in” to most places!

Pill Box (3) – For the occasional headache, plus “magic pill”/dietary supplement to help with appetite and weight (30 minutes before meals)

Product Samples & Business Cards (4) – For the next person interested in looking and feeling their best

Wallet – To hold and organize all of the other life and business essentials … credit cards, cash, change, mementos

Compact Brush (5) – A compact mirror and brush in one, perfect for the anytime primp

Lip Color (6 & 7) – Two essentials … a gloss that goes over any shade, and a moisturizing lipstick in Nude Pink for a base of natural color

Reading Glasses – To see the important stuff (like a menu)

Brush Powder (8) – For the mid-day re-apply, a brush infused with translucent mineral powder for reducing the shine, and protecting against the sun

Pack of Gum – To freshen breathe after lunch

Wrinkle Reducer (9) – Confidence builder. For quick application any time throughout the day (before a special event or meeting) in order to look and feel my best within minutes (and for up to 6 hours)

Loose Change – When you don’t have time (or another hand) to put it in your change purse, a quick throw into the purse always works

Water Bottle – Natural energy for the day

What’s in your purse?



Interested in shopping the contents of this beauty entrepreneur’s purse?

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  2. Eye + Lip Age Eraser – small sized product from Apriori Beauty’s Cellular Age Advantage Set “In-the-Bag”
  3. LifeoxyLEAN Weight Loss Accelerator 
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  5. Compact Brush
  6. One for All Gloss 
  7. Moisturizing Lipstick – Nude Pink
  8. Pure Perfecting Protection Powder, Translucent 
  9. Celloxylin® EPIC Instant Wrinkle Reducer 

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