I’ll have a Skin & Tonic!

After cleansing the skin, it is common to use a toner or astringent to help remove the last traces of impurities and close pores. One might think it would be beneficial to close the pores so as to keep further dirt and irritants out of the skin. However, this isn’t always the best case. Unfortunately, many of the astringent toners on the market today contain drying alcohol that can disrupt skin barrier function and cause drying. And, by closing pores, these toners actually prevent the benefits of subsequent products in the skincare regimen from penetrating the skin.

Apriori Beauty decided to approach Tonic in the opposite way by OPENING pores to prepare the skin to receive the many benefits of the anti-aging Nutrient Reservoir ingredients, plus the subsequent Celloxylin® skincare products in your daily skincare regimen. Formulated with powerful humectants, Celloxylin® Step 2. Activating Tonic helps to increase skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, helping you get the most out of your moisturizer and treatment products. In addition, it is designed to help protect the skin’s delicate structure by restoring the naturally acidic barrier that is commonly disrupted during rinsing.

This is not your typical toner — KEY INGREDIENTS in Celloxylin® Activating Tonic include:

  • Witch Hazel – provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent benefits without the drying or irritation commonly caused by alcohol based products.
  • Tremella fuciformis – (mushroom) an extraordinary humectant. It both moisturizes the skin and helps the skin hold onto moisture longer. Research shows that Tremella works effectively as a topical anti-oxidant and contains high levels of Vitamin D, important for cell metabolism.
  • Acetyl glucosamine and hyaluronic acid – provide structural and functional support for the intracellular matrix (the area between skin cells), and help skin remain hydrated.
  • Acetyl octapeptide-3 –addresses the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Goji berry, resveratrol, and angelica polymorpha provide antioxidant protection.


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