No More Bad Hair Days!

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re getting ready for the day than hair that just won’t cooperate. We’ve all had those mornings that end with us running out the door a few minutes late after settling on a quick messy bun or ponytail because nothing else was working. And we mean nothing! No matter what products, straightening, curling, or crimping tools we used, nothing worked to tame those locks into something presentable. Good news… those days are over! You see, bad hair days stem from a cycle of hair abuse and mistreatment. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault… how could you have known better? Well, now there are no excuses because we’re laying it all out for you!

The Bad Hair Day Cycle

In order to have good hair days, we enlist the help of a number of treatment products and tools. In one morning, many of us use four to five different hair products, a hair dryer, and a hot tool (straightener, curling iron, etc.). These things are the beginning of the bad hair abuse cycle. Here are some things you may not know are actually damaging your hair…

  • Washing too often — when hair gets wet, it becomes more flexible and easier to break. Washing hair too frequently (yes, every day is too frequently), you are opening your hair up to more opportunities for breakage and damage. Also, some shampoos work too well in cleaning and actually strip the hair of natural oils that help protect it.
  • Brushing & handling wet hair — since hair is easier to break when its wet, any extra handling such as detangling, brushing, towel drying, etc. can lead to breakage. It’s best to do your heavy lifting and handling on your hair when its dry.
  • Heat — we all know this one… using the hair dryer and hot tools to dry and style is extremely drying and damaging. Hair dryers give hair a “flash dry” that actually dehydrates it, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. Flat irons and curling irons, when used on dry hair, can cause the hair to dry out and crack at the edges, which causes breakage in another way. Using these tools on wet or damp hair can steam the moisture that is held in the hair in a way that causes small blisters on the hair that are also prone to breakage.


To remove one or all of these practices may sound crazy to you… especially those that you might be doing on a daily basis. But, anything you can do to mitigate these practices will definitely help in the overall health and handling of your hair. Another way you can help is by using products and hair treatment technology that works to preventatively promote healthier, moisturized, and nourished hair that is less prone to dryness, breakage, frizz, and bad hair days.

The Solution: ViViD Hair Therapy with Synergistic Shine™

ViViD Hair Therapy’s therapeutic formulations blend the benefits of science and nature to nourish and protect hair and scalp with a simple, 3-step, regimen. Cleanse and condition with gentle, nourishing ingredients that also moisturize and soften. Strengthen with ingredients that protect color, detangle, filter UV rays, and build volume. And, enhance overall radiance with Synergistic Shine™ —ingredients that work synergistically between each product in the regimen to build shine and strength.

Step 1: Shampoo — This gentle, cream shampoo melts into a cleansing lather while delivering nourishing benefits to hair and scalp without stripping natural oils.

Step 2: Conditioner — Nourish and protect hair and scalp with this highly concentrated, antioxidant-rich formula designed to soften, moisturize, detangle, and protect color.

Step 3: Treatment Oil — Revitalize and style hair with this nutrient-rich Treatment Oil providing intense shine, strengthening properties, and increased manageability.


ViViD Hair Therapy is:

Sulfate free | color safe
Paraben free
Antioxidant rich
Synthetic fragrance free
Dermatologist tested

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