Get Her What She Really Wants: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner… it’s Sunday, May 13th 2018!

“I brought you into this world and I can take you right out of it!” This comical and frighteningly true statement might be something you’ve heard from your mom’s mouth a time or two. As funny as it is, it’s so true—our moms are the reason we’re here and for that, we should be grateful! Which is why it is so important for us to take a little time out to find a thoughtful way to show our moms (and all the moms in our lives) just how much she means to us! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or showy, but something thoughtful, kind, and slightly indulgent will be warmly welcomed by any mom in your life.

This year at Apriori Beauty, our theme for Mother’s Day is indulgence. Some of the best gifts we’ve ever received are those that we really wanted but may not have taken the time, energy, or money to get them for ourselves. Often times these gifts are more on the indulgent side, especially for busy and selfless moms that spend all of their time, energy, and money on the family and friends in their lives. This year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide focuses on those indulgent gifts that mom will be over-the-moon to receive!

Pampering & Relaxation


  • Luxurious hair care products — this shampoo, conditioner, & treatment oil trio are loaded with incredible ingredients in enhance overall radiance with Synergistic Shine™— ingredients that work synergistically between each product formulation to build shine and strength.



For the Home

  • Framed family pictures — pick some of her favorite family pictures, get them printed at your local drugstore, and find a cute, fun frame to put it in! The bigger, the better… opt for a print in size 5’x7’ or bigger so that she can really put her loved ones on display in her home or office!
  • Photo book — go through your Facebook albums for some of your favorite photos with mom. Upload them onto a site like Shutterfly or Snapfish and quickly create a professional memory book that she is sure to love and cherish for a long time.
  • Bottle of wine, candle, & a blanket — you can’t go wrong with this combo!
  • Cookware — find some fun kitchen gadget or accessory that your mom would love to add to her cooking arsenal. Some ideas include: an immersion blender, a homemade tortilla maker, or even tear-free onion goggles… google will be your best friend in this search!
  • Fun coffee table book(s) — customize them to things she’s interested in!
  • Succulents or other fun and cute indoor plants to decorate her favorite space



  • Shopping bag or tote — check out these cute totes like this one, this one, and these ones… they’re perfect for anything from a trip to the grocery store to a big gym bag to fit everything!
  • Pajamas & slippers — this is something we often don’t buy for ourselves because we all have that old t-shirt and shorts that work just fine. But, having a nice, soft set of PJs is one of the simplest and greatest luxuries in the world that mom can enjoy every night!
  • Sunglasses — summer is just around the corner!
  • Handbag — because who doesn’t love a new purse?! Check out what’s trending for Spring 2018 HERE
  • A fun piece of statement jewelry — big colorful tassel earrings or a fun, gaudy cocktail ring would be perfect for as an eye-catching conversation starter.


Pretty Things

  • A Print or piece of art — support small artists and find something fun on
  • Flowers in a nice vase — not all women are into flowers, but the ones who are LOVE them! Get mom her favorites to make her feel special. Need to have them delivered? This service provides beautiful, unique bouquets from local farmers.
  • Perfume — try something new and different! Or, get mom a few different sample scents and let her pick what she likes for a full-size bottle!


Yummy Treats 


  • Gourmet chocolates — paired with a bottle of wine… perfection!
  • Cooking salts or spices — there are tons of different spices and flavors available online and in the market that will take mom’s cooking to the next level. This is a great gift to inspire your next family meal, which comes with some good old fashioned quality time… double win!
  • Popcorn — there are so many different sweet and savory flavors for any palette. You can even get fancy and get a flavor like black truffle or make your own… check out these recipes!
  • Bake her favorite cookies or cake — only you’ll know what she wants!


You know what your mom loves and what brings a smile to her face. You can’t go wrong if you get her something she loves that’s a little extra indulgent. Make sure your gift is something just for her to enjoy and she’ll be on cloud nine!

To all our beautiful Apriori Beauty mothers out there …


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