The Morning After: Tips for looking your best after a night out

Last night was fun, but you didn’t get much sleep. And today is one where you need to be ready for anything, which means the bags under your eyes have got to go! First thought to remedy the situation … caffeine … and we’re not talking about the hot Cup-of-Joe for your mind and soul. When under eye puffiness needs to be a thing of the past, look for an eye cream with caffeine. This magical ingredient contains high levels of antioxidants for protecting against oxidative stress and reducing skin inflammation. A few dabs under your eyes will help the bags magically disappear.

But first, you need to cleanse away the yuck from the night before, because chances are pretty good that it was one of those nights that you hit the sheets without washing your face first. When this happens, you need a cleanser that can also remove makeup at the same time yet is still gentle enough (formulated without sulfates) so it doesn’t strip the skin of its essential oils. A quick refreshing cleanse will do wonders to invigorate your spirit so you can face the day!

And if your night was anywhere near the social scene, you’ll also want to detox your skin from all of the impurities that may have surrounded you. A quick detox mask before makeup will help to pull out any impurities you were exposed to. For detoxing the skin, a clay mask is highly recommended. Clay rejuvenates skin with its high mineral content, while also exfoliating, stimulating blood circulation, and removing debris from pores, resulting in a smooth, healthy glow!

After your skin is cleansed, detoxified and caffeinated, continue the balance of your skincare routine (i.e. wrinkle reducertonicserummoisturizer/sunscreen, makeup primer) before adding a hint of color. Changing up your skincare routine to work in products for specific issues is the perfect way to put your best face forward and to start the day after a fun night!

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