We’re Celebrating National Making Life Beautiful Day!

Next Monday, June 11th 2018 marks the beginning of a magical week for Apriori Beauty—it’s National Making Life Beautiful Day! It’s one day to reflect on and celebrate all that is possible with Apriori Beauty. From fabulous products that help to make you look and feel beautiful, to the opportunity to add to your life and the life of others as an entrepreneur with your own home-based business alongside a community of fun, supportive and like-minded friends.

But, that’s not all! Since it is a Nationally recognized day, it’s open to recognizing and appreciating the beauty in everyday life, whether it be with Apriori Beauty or not. So often we go through life caught up in the business of our routines that we truly forget to slow down, stop and smell the roses. Taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us and do our part to contribute to it can really make the world of difference in the quality of everybody’s lives. This might sound like an overwhelming task that you just might not have the time for, but let’s start small… one day… a few simple changes and actions… let the day speak for itself.


Not sure what to do to celebrate this beautifully amazing life on National Making Life Beautiful Day? Here are some ideas…

  1. Give someone a compliment—tell them how beautiful they are… be specific! For example, “I love the way your beautiful smile brings me joy every time I see it” or “Your glowing positivity and radiant personality really brighten my day”
  2. Say “hello” or wave to a stranger—it’s really something we don’t do often enough but can be such a simple way to bring joy to yourself and another!
  3. Tell somebody you love them and why—you can never do it too much!
  4. Hold the door for somebody behind you
  5. Give someone flowers or their favorite treat… they’ll be surprised and overjoyed!
  6. Cook somebody a meal. Your hard work and effort to share a special meal with them will not only show your appreciation for them but it will allow for new memories to be made!
  7. Write somebody a card, letter, or note of affirmation and appreciation. It’s a gift that takes you little time but gives them something to cherish forever!
  8. Live with somebody (roommate, husband/wife, siblings, children, mother/father, etc)? Pick up an extra chore or two that they normally do. It will lighten their day so that they can spend a little extra time relaxing.
  9. Give somebody the gift of beauty! Apriori Beauty has SO many products that will make anybody you give them to feel like a million bucks! Yes, you can gift these to yourself too! 😉
  10. Give your long-distance friend or family member a call… even if it’s a quick 5-minute catch-up or a voice message, they’ll be happy to know that you’re thinking of them and care about how they’re doing.
  11. SMILE! It’s contagious and makes everybody (giving and receiving) feel great!
  12. Let somebody else in on the magic and beauty of this day—share this article!
  13. Become a Consultant with Apriori Beauty to Make Life Beautiful every day!


There’s a funny thing about Making Life Beautiful… you may intend to make somebody else feel good, beautiful, appreciated, etc., but you’ll always end up making yourself feel the same! ❤

We’d love to hear and see what you do on National Making Life Beautiful Day! Share your pictures and stories on social media and use our hashtag — #MakingLifeBeautifulDay to join in on the virtual conversation. We’ll be re-posting and sharing your pictures and stories all day long!



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