You Glow Girl! A How-to Guide for the Perfect Highlight

It’s hard to keep up with trends in fashion, hairstyles, and makeup. Especially when they’re changing so frequently. But, there’s one trend in makeup that is definitely here to stay for a while – highlighting! Highlighter, a face and/or body makeup, is used to attract light and illuminate the areas of the face or body that it is applied to. This helps bring the appearance of lightness and height, pulling the most attractive portions of the face or body forward. Using highlighter in your daily makeup routine can help give your face a natural, glowing radiance that’s hard to beat!

Applying highlighter all over the face or in the wrong places can leave you looking much too shiny. So, how do you know how to get it just right? We’re here to help with this How-to Guide for the Perfect Holiday Highlight!

There are several different places on the face that highlighter is typically applied to…

Beautiful woman face

1) The cheek bone – to accentuate and bring cheek bones forward

2) The bridge of the nose – to make the nose appear straighter

3) The tip of the nose – to make the nose appear straighter and dainty

4) Above the top lip – to make lips appear bigger

5) On the chin, below the bottom lip – to accentuate the chin and make lips appear bigger

6) At the inner corner of the eye – to open the eyes

7) Beneath the brow – to open the eyes

Looking for the perfect highlighter for face?

Apriori Beauty has several Hint of Color products that are perfect for achieving the natural glow shown above. The Glow With It Highlighter Cream gives a highly pigmented shimmer and is perfect for application to the cheek bone (location 1 above), the bridge and tip of the nose (locations 2 & 3 above), above the top lip (location 4 above), and on the chin (location 5 above). For highlight on the eyes at the inner corner and below the brow (locations 6 & 7 above), we recommend utilizing Nude Face Palette colors: Sand, Champagne, or Pewter (for darker skin tones). If you’re looking for highlight with less shimmer or one for the face that is in powder form rather than cream form, we recommend the highlight powder in the Nude Face Palette.AB_ShimmyShimmy

<< You can also bring highlight to your lips using Apriori Beauty’s Moisturizing Lipstick in Shimmy Shimmy. The perfect hint of radiance over any other color, apply Shimmy Shimmy in the middle of your bottom lip for a little extra dimension that is sure to steal a kiss from your sweetie! Or, wear it on its own for overall lip shimmer!

Want to take it to the next level and try highlighter for body?

If you’re going out on the town or enjoying these beautiful summer nights outdoors, you may consider taking your highlighter game to the next level with a little extra shimmer on your body. The Glow With It Highlighter Cream can be applied to the collar bone to bring a little extra illumination and radiance to the chest.


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