The #1 Thing They Don’t Want You to Know About the Water in Your Skincare

It’s a little-known fact that water makes up between 60-80% of every skincare product formula. Don’t believe it? Go take a look at all those products in your bathroom cabinet! Ingredients are listed on the labels of skincare products in order of percentage composition—ingredients with the highest percentage of the formula are listed first and the rest in decreasing order. Ingredients listed toward the bottom of the list comprise the least amount of the formula. The first ingredient listed is always Water (Aqua)!

Water_ingredient_deckWhy does this matter? Because water does not hydrate the skin! Think about the plethora of “hydrating” products you have under your bathroom sink or speckled across your bathroom counter. Sure, they may boast the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, a super-hydrating ingredient, but the majority of their formulation, water, is doing NOTHING to hydrate your skin! Because our skin is constantly producing oil to maintain its barrier function to protect our internal organs from external threats, water applied to the skin does not absorb… water and oil do not mix! That’s why we don’t drown when we take a shower or when we go swimming.

So, what IS water doing in your skincare? Actually, the sole purpose of water in a product’s formula is to mix the other ingredients together and determine the product’s viscosity (thickness). Think about those “hydrating” products you’ve tried recently… how much does the water in those products cost? The water in a $75 hydrating gel or cream costs you between $45 and $60, figuring it’s 60-80% of the formula. If you like higher priced brands, a hydrating serum might cost around $240+ dollars… in which case, you’d be paying anywhere from $144 to $192 of it on the water in it… water that doesn’t even hydrate your skin! That’s just silly!

What if there was a skincare product on the market that included water that could be absorbed by the skin and was just as hydrating as water is for the body?

That’s exactly what Chris Jordan, President of JRX Biotechnology, Inc, asked himself a few years ago before embarking on a journey to find the answer. Today, JRX Biotechnology holds the patents and trademarks for HydrO18™ Activated Water™ — a new water technology creating specifically for cosmetic formulations, to be used in place of regular water.

“HydrO18™ Activated Water™ is water that has been treated with a patented process and blend of ingredients from nature to mimic the lipid profile of the skin,” says Chris Jordan. “We were able to change water from being incompatible with the skin to being bio-compatible. It’s still water — it looks like water and acts like water (it still mixes the other ingredients together) — and now it also hydrates the skin, feeds the skin with nutrients, and is more sustainable water, making the formula it is used in eco-friendly and ultra-hydrating, backed by multiple clinical studies” adds Jordan.

JRX performed several clinical studies comparing the hydrating abilities of their HydrO18™ Activated Water™ as compared to regular water. Their Activated Water™ proved to be up to 41% more hydrating than regular water!

Microsoft Word - HydrO18 Clinical Table.docx

What products currently on the market offer this incredibly hydrating water technology? Any skincare formula can use Activated Water™ instead of the regular water used in their formula to make the product more hydrating with the highest percentage of active ingredients. It is predicted that this water technology will be like Peptides were to anti-aging skincare over a decade ago … now in every anti-aging skincare formula. But for now, only ONE product on the market has this incredible new ingredient — Apriori Beauty’s Celloxylin® Moisture Extreme, Hydrating Mask! It’s the first skincare product that can say the majority of its formula includes ingredients that are actively helping to hydrate and benefit the skin. That means when you pay for it, all of your money is going towards ingredients that benefit your skin! What a concept!


If you’re a beauty and skincare lover, you’ll want to get your hands on this incredible product. Not only is it the first product with HydrO18™ Activated Water™, but it also contains an impressive lineup of other hydrating and beneficial ingredients: hyaluronic acid, macadamia nut oil, kaolin clay, shea butter, coconut oil, goji berry, resveratrol, apple fruit extract and tremella fuciformis (mushroom), to name a few! Give it a try… and when the hype takes off surrounding Activated Water™, you can say that you were one of the first to use and love it!

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