Beauty Bartending

It’s all the craze this summer — serving up libations for your skin! What’s your skin drinking? Do you have all of the makings at home for your favorite skincare concoction? Here are a few skincare cocktail recipes to help make a list of mixers you’ll need for a well-stocked beauty bar:


Dry Skin Martini

When you’re feeling parched, this drink for your skin will instantly re-hydrate upon first sip. Infused with Activated Water™, this libation is more than a mask … it’s instant hydration when and where you need it. Garnished with a slice of orange for a refreshing scent that will take you to your happy place.




Hangover Cure

When you had a little too much fun, and more than likely hit the sheets without washing your face first, this cure all will help you put your best face forward the morning after. This gentle cleanser will wash away what’s lurking on the surface, followed by this rejuvenating clay mask that will detox your skin from all of the impurities you were exposed to. Cleanse and detox to start your day!





For those who like things the old-fashioned way, this concoction is sure to please. Cleansing is a given to get things started … it’s the added sugar that gets things moving. It’s the tried and true method of refreshing skin with gentle exfoliation. This sweet scrub will leave your skin feeling cool, invigorated and glowing.




Skin Fizz

This 3-ingredient mix is certainly intoxicating. It’s an exhilarating experience for your skin. Start with a good cleanse, then put your feet up and relax while the 20EX does its stuff. Enjoy the sensations of warmth, tingling and tightening. Then feel like a kid again while peeling it off like glue on your hands. Follow that with a refreshing splash of tonic for the ultimate sense of refreshment.




Smooth Operator

Before a night out-on-the-town, get the party started with these 3 mixers that can smooth out any situation. Refresh first with a good cleanse, followed by the ultimate smoothing serum with EPIC results. It will take 10-years off your face before priming skin before makeup. These smooth moves will help to make you feel invincible, irresistible, and look like a million bucks!





When your skin begins to slide south, this instant pick-me-up will firm and stimulate things back to where they belong. This 2-ingredient, therapeutic stimulant will wake up your skin to memories from long-ago. Firm things up with this habit-forming ritual that will also help you to look as young as you feel.




Skin & Tonic

The perfect nightcap to end your day and to set your skin up for the next day, forward. It’s a highball mix to stimulate your senses. The Crème Cleanse base mixed with tonic is the refresher your skin needs after a long day. Top it off with Activated Water™ and you’ll be ready to hit the pillow and dream big!


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