Bringing the Magic & Fun Back into Adult Halloween!

Halloween… the night that every kid looks forward to all throughout the month of October. The one night you plan for weeks in advance. The night you not only get to dress up as something fun, spooky or gory, but also get to gorge on candy and other sweet treats. It’s a night spent with your closest friends and family, indulging in everything good. As a kid, Halloween is THE BEST!

Much like other holidays and magical experiences, Halloween begins to lose its allure as we get older. Crisp nights on the streets, pounding pavement for pounds of chocolate and that full-sized candy bar turn into costumed bar crawls and house parties. You might be lucky enough to impart the magic of the night on a youngster in your life, but it never feels quite the same as it did when you were blissfully caught up in the thrill of it all.

Well, we won’t stand for that! We’re looking to bring back a little sweetness and fun into “Adult Halloween.” Here’s how…

  1. Gather with friends & family

    One of the best parts of Halloween was having everybody together, so make it happen! It doesn’t have to be a fancy soiree or crazy dinner party. Keep it casual and just have people over. We promise, it’s better than handing out candy with your cat!

  2. Put on a costume (or mask)

    It doesn’t have to be crazy intricate, but putting on a simple costume like a mask, cape or hat can help put you in the Halloween spirit and bring you back to that childhood excitement of dressing up. You can even get creative with things you already have… use Apriori Beauty’s Clay Masque to dress up (and treat your skin at the same time)!

  3. Food & libations are a must!

    Make your own, order in, or make it a potluck! Any fun gathering needs to have yummy food and drinks. Again, it doesn’t need to be crazy, but having a little something to munch on will make the night that much better. You can get creative with festive Halloween foods or even host a fall soup or chili bar with all the fixings. Better yet, order a pizza and let somebody else do the work! All that matters is having something comforting and delicious to enjoy with your company.

  4. Get your candy ready & indulge in a sweet treat

    If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that gets trick-or-treaters, make sure you have your candy bowl ready! It’s always fun to get your favorite candy to share with the young, eager Frankenstein on the block. PLUS, you’ll be able to snack on it all night long too! Not a huge sweets person, or looking to stay away from indulgence by sugar high? Get your sweet fix with Apriori Beauty’s Sugar Scrub! It pairs nicely with Crème Cleanse, and leaves your skin beautifully exfoliated, smooth and vibrant! Share it with the friends you have over… just like sharing your favorite candy, they’ll be excited to try a new sweet treat that’s sure to become their new favorite!


  5. Get in the spirit

    Do whatever else you need to do to get in the Halloween spirit! Were there any movies you used to watch when you were a kid? Watch them! Did you have a tradition of carving and decorating pumpkins? Do it! Heck, if you want to flaunt your costume around the block, pillowcase in hand, as an adult trick-or-treater, we won’t judge! Get in the spirit and make the night fun!

  6. End with a night cap

    Coming back from a successful night of trick-or-treating as a kid to dump all your winnings out, count the pieces, and shove as many of them in your mouth before passing out in a sugar coma was one of the best parts of the night. It was like a victory treat, a celebration of all your hard work, an appreciation of your earnings. Who says you can’t do the same as an adult? Treat yourself to a little night cap to end your night right—a drink, a desert, or even a skincare treatment can help you feel rewarded, satisfied and ready for November!


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