Why Regular Cleansing NEEDS to be Your 2019 Skincare Resolution

A New Year often brings about time for reflection and a sense of starting fresh with an entire year ahead, full of unlimited possibility. If you’re like most, you may be thinking about and setting a few resolutions to make the most of 2019. When it comes to beauty and skin health, there’s one resolution you should definitely be setting: cleanse your daily, if not twice daily! Making sure your skin is clean is a vital part in maintaining healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. Here’s why…

Dirt and buildup will clog your pores

Regular exposure to the environment (i.e. dirt, air pollutants, etc.) throughout the day will cause buildup on your skin, which can quickly clog your pores. Clogged pores are not favorable for two reasons: 1) they cause irritation, inflammation and acne, and 2) they don’t allow the benefits of other products and beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Environmental stressors will age you faster

As you may know, the number one cause of premature aging is inflammation. When skin is irritated by things in our environment (dirt, air pollutants, sun exposure, etc.), its natural defense and healing response is inflammation. Since we aren’t able to completely avoid the world that we live in (unless you want to live in a controlled bubble), it is important to ensure that inflammation and the buildup of elements causing this inflammation are in and on our skin as minimally as possible. Regular cleansing helps do just that!


Deep cleaning keeps skin youthful

Sometimes, environmental stressors clog pores slowly and deeply over time. Regular cleansing does well to remove surface-level dirt and bacteria, but sometimes the clog goes deeper into the surface of the skin. And, as we know, clogged pores lead to inflammation and aging, so it is important to deep-clean your skin through exfoliation on a regular basis (once or twice a week). You can do this through chemical or mechanical exfoliation — both are effective in different ways and can be used based on preference and skin type. Chemical exfoliation uses a blend of ingredients (usually natural acids or clay blends) to pull dirt and oil out of the skin. Our Acid Peel provides a proprietary blend of safe acids that do exactly this. Mechanical exfoliation uses a physical exfoliant (like sugar beet crystals or pumice) to scrub away dead skin cells, dirt and buildup when washed away. Our Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub utilizes sugar beet crystals (and enzymes, as a chemical exfoliant) to do just this! Our Pure Detox, Clay Masque utilizes pumice as its mechanical exfoliant and Kaolin clay (amongst other clays) to chemically pull out impurities in the depths of the skin. Choose your exfoliant based on preference and be mindful of your skin type — you may opt for a mechanical exfoliant, which you can control, over a chemical one if you are dealing with sensitive skin.

Dirty skin is harder to hydrate

When dirty, it’s much harder for the skin to maintain proper balance and functioning. The presence of dirt throws off skin’s equilibrium and it may overcompensate for its presence with an overproduction of oil and imbalanced PH. Not only does this cause irritation and inflammation (blemishes and aging), but it also affects skin moisture and hydration (What’s the difference? CLICK HERE to read more on this). Maintaining proper PH levels keeps skin oil production regular, which boosts the skin’s moisture content and hydration abilities. Plus, clean skin allows for even better absorption of ultra-hydrating ingredients, such as the ones found in our Hydrating Mask. Cleansed, healthy (not inflamed) and hydrated skin is truly the perfect combination to naturally radiant skin that is forever young!


Knowing your cleanser makes all the difference!

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to add regular cleansing to your skincare resolutions list for 2019. But, in order to make this resolution last and as successful as possible, you need to make sure you’re using the right cleanser for your skin! Luckily, we’ve got two incredible options for any skin type…

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Celloxylin® Step 1. Crème Cleanse

• Deep pore cleanser, evens skin tone
• Removes even the heaviest makeup
• No SLS — sulfates!
• Will not strip skin of essential oils

Looking for a deep clean? Removing impurities is the first step in improving the appearance of our skin. This gentle crème transforms into an ultralight, foaming purifier that thoroughly cleanses while protecting the skin’s natural barrier layer and delivering anti-aging benefits of the Nutrient Reservoir ingredients. Rinses clean, leaving skin visibly smooth.

Unlike harsh soaps, Creme Cleanse uses ingredients derived from coconut to create a luxurious foaming without stripping skin of essential oils (and without SLS, sulfates)! This cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed, not tight or dry!

TIP — Try mixing Creme Cleanse with Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub. Gently massage into skin and rinse clean to reveal a refreshed, glowing complexion!

proderm cleanser_whiteflower
ProDermalin® Gentle Cleanser

Simple, yet complex skincare for sensitive skin and basic needs. ProDermalin® Gentle Cleanser is a non-irritating, daily cleanser that also calms skin while gently cleansing, soothing, and protecting with its silky lather.

Protecting skin from irritation and inflammation is key for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Every inflammatory response damages skin at the cellular level and causes aging. From UV exposure, sun and wind burn, to topical sensitivities and acne, all inflammatory reactions create a variety of adverse and damaging responses on the skin’s surface and below.

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