5 Minute Eyebrows

By: Jamie Kausen

Please refer to the numbered image above for reference alongside the step-by-step instructions below.

The Tools: Nude Face Palette, Hint of Color Brush Set & Pure Perfecting Veil

Step 1.
Start out with a clean washed face and eyebrows that have been brushed.

Step 2.
Take brush #6 and draw a clean line under your brow using shade *Chestnut*.  (If looking to use a lighter color you can go for *Toasty* or *Latte*)

Step 3.
Repeat on top of eyebrow by drawing a clean line near the outer edge of your eyebrow. (Make sure you don’t draw harsh lines near the inner part of your brow, only near the outside edges so you don’t create a boxed look)

Step 4.
Fill in brow lightly and blend out excess product following the direction of your hairs. (Blending is key)

Step 5.
Take brush #1 and use the *Light Pure Perfecting Veil*, or whichever shade matches your skin tone (Medium + Dark also available), to sharpen/clean up brow and blend it out with finger or brush #1.

Step 6.
Finished Eyebrow look after cleaning up and blending it out.


It’s believed that next to teeth, the eyebrows are the most important features on any face.  That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile to have them done.

Did you know how your eyebrows can determine the shape of your face? If you have a rounder face and you have rounded eyebrows, it can make your face look even more round. By shaping them like the diagram above, it can slim your face out and make you appear more proportioned.

If you have very straight eyebrows, it can make your face look shorter. By shaping your eyebrows like the diagram above, it can actually make your face appear longer.

We can all agree that eyebrows should be a part of your morning beauty routine, especially with this easy 5 minute tutorial!


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2 thoughts on “5 Minute Eyebrows

  1. Really good tutorial, Jamie. I will try this. Are use the pallet to shape my eyebrows sometimes. I use two shades to give it a more natural look but I never thought of finishing with the veil to finalize the shape. I didn’t realize that the shape of the eyebrow affects the perception of the shape of the face. Very informative!
    Thank you, Connie


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