Beauty Basics

Our beauty routines sometimes become just that, routine. And with any routine, we sometimes just go through the motions without thinking about what we are really doing. To get the best out of your morning and evening beauty rituals, be sure to incorporate these 5 Beauty Basics …

[1] Start with a Clean Slate

Everyone knows the first step in any beauty routine is cleansing. But, is your cleansing routine clean? Before cleansing your skin, you should always be sure you’re starting with clean hands. It sounds like common sense, but when we’re in the rush of things, this important step can be easily overlooked. Washing your hands before using your hands to wash your face should be your #1 beauty rule!

[2] Wipe the Day Away

Beauty Rule #2 … Never, Ever, Ever go to bed with makeup and the day on your face. Go to bed refreshed and your skin breathing freely with a quick cleanse and moisture. Like many things in life, we sometimes don’t feel like doing it, but we are ALWAYS glad that we did.

[3] Clean Makeup

Similar to #1, always be sure your beauty tools are clean. The makeup brushes that you use every day on your face should be cleaned regularly, as they can cause many different skin irritations and infections if used dirty. A simple and regular cleansing with dish soap will ensure the oils and dirt from the previous days are stripped away.

[TIP]: We like to use our favorite shampoo to gently and effectively clean our makeup brushes!

[4] Patience

As with anything, good things take time. Be patient when adding a new beauty product into your routine that you expect results from. Results appear with consistency. If you’re one to jump from one product to the next, you may never see the results you want if you don’t give each product time to work.

[5] Hydrate

Hydrating your skin is just as important as hydrating your body. Always be sure to moisturize and re-moisturize throughout the day to keep your glow going. Along with sun exposure, dry skin is a major contributing factor to aging skin. Keep your skin hydrated, nourished and plump and you’ll keep your youth and your true age a secret for years to come!

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